Hi there 👋, I'm Dieter Blancke

I'm a -year-old Web / Java Developer that currently works at Robaws.
Besides work I like to spend my time on programming Minecraft plugins, Discord bots and small websites.
When I'm not programming, you can probably find me playing some games or watching a movie / series.

Some languages / technologies I work with:

Java Spring GWT HTML CSS JavaScript NodeJS Dart Flutter MySQL PostgreSQL MongoDB

Public Projects

My Projects



BungeeUtilisalsX is an extremely configurable all-in-one solution for your network (BungeeCord / Velocity). Providing many features ranging from chat management to staff management, punishments and much more.

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DonatorJoin+ is a plugin that allows you to set up custom join messages, sounds and more for players with a certain group / permission. This is a nice way to make donators stand out more in an EULA friendly way.

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ConfigurationAPI is a library based on the Bukkit Configuration API but with support for comment blocks, section lists and support for both YAML and JSON configuration languages.

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WynnStats is a Discord bot that I made for WynnCraft players to retrieve more statistics for guild management. The most notable feature of the bot is the online time counting per player per day.

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CentrixPVP NetworkLogo

CentrixPVP Network

CentrixPVP used to be one of the biggest offline mode Minecraft servers around. The server was home to multiple popular gamemodes and minigames, and I am honoured that I was able to be a part of it for about 5-6 years. The network is currently not operational.