About me

Hi, my name is Dieter Blancke, and I'm a 22-year-old Web / Java Developer. Currently, I work at Robaws as a Medior Java Developer. In my free time I still like to work on side projects such as Discord bots and Minecraft projects (mostly focussed on Spigot and BungeeCord).

I also like to play games, you might find me around on League of Legends or Valorant (EUW regions) or driving into walls on GTA V 😉.
Furthermore, I'm also a fervent movie / serie / anime watcher, if anyone has any suggestions on what I should watch, please do tell me!


My Projects



BungeeUtilisalsX is an extremely configurable all-in-one solution for your network (BungeeCord / Velocity). Providing many features ranging from chat management to staff management, punishments and much more.

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DonatorJoin+ is a plugin that allows you to set up custom join messages, sounds and more for players with a certain group / permission. This is a nice way to make donators stand out more in an EULA friendly way.

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WynnStats is a Discord bot that I made for WynnCraft players to retrieve more statistics for guild management. The most notable feature of the bot is the online time counting per player per day.

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CentrixPVP NetworkLogo

CentrixPVP Network

CentrixPVP used to be one of the biggest offline mode Minecraft servers around. The server was home to multiple popular gamemodes and minigames, and I am honoured that I was able to be a part of it for about 5-6 years. The network is currently not operational.


Frequently Asked Questions

Most of my projects are open source and available on my GitHub. If one of my projects is not open source yet, please do contact me with the question, and I may publicise the source code / repository.
Some of my projects, like BungeeUtilisalsX, are both open source and paid. The reason for this is that I want people that really want the plugin but don't have the money for it can still use the plugin by compiling it or downloading from the CI. And by buying the plugin you do support me and the amount of time I put into my projects.

Currently I'm mostly focussed on the BungeeUtilisalsX ecosystem, I am planning to look into finishing / recoding ProxySync from the ground up as a RedisBungee alternative. Besides BungeeUtilisalsX I am not really working on any Minecraft projects right now.

I am available on Discord, mail and on SpigotMC. I will, by far, respond the fastest on Discord. But generally I do try to reply within a day.