BungeeUtilisalsX is an extremely configurable all-in-one solution for your network (BungeeCord / Velocity). It has many features to manage your network all in one plugin, from punishments to chat management to utility commands and tools to more advanced systems like friends and reports.

BungeeUtilisalsX is:
  • swift - written with performance in mind.
  • simple - finding the place where to configure a feature is simple as everything is divided into separate files instead of one giant configuration file.
  • configurable - almost everything is configurable, every message, feature, command, alias, permission, ... can be changed in the specific configuration file.
  • safe - all existing features have been well tested and are production ready.
  • flexible - multiple data storage options are available and supported.

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Most used BungeeUtilisalsX features


Extremely configurable

BungeeUtilisalsX has been made with extreme customizability in mind. This allows you to tune BungeeUtilisalsX however you like. Almost every feature of the plugin can be enabled or disabled. Each message is editable and most messages even support hover / click actions and hex color codes.

Multiproxy support

Multiple proxy support is built into BungeeUtilisalsX since v2.0.0 and higher. In order to enable the multiple proxy system, you do need a RabbitMQ instance aswell as RedisBungee or ProxySync. The RabbitMQ service is used for the job / queue system that BungeeUtilisalsX uses to communicate between proxies.

Multiple platforms

BungeeUtilisalsX can be run on multiple different platforms. BungeeCord and Velocity are fully featured and supported. They can also both be used / mixed with the multi proxy system. There is also a SpigotMC version for GUI's and a Web version (made with Spring Boot) for the GraphQL web api.

Punishment System

BungeeUtilisalsX comes with an advanced, well automated punishment system. As well as having the normal punishment commands, it also comes with punishment actions and a track system that allows you to define a track to follow for more structure.

Announcements System

BungeeUtilisalsX comes with an advanced, configurable announcement system that allows for multiple types of announcements.
There is an announcer for actionbar, bossbar, chat, tab and title.

Chat Managers

BungeeUtilisalsX comes with multiple chat management systems. This includes chat protection systems like anti-spam, anti-caps, anti-advertise and anti-swearing. But also a fancy chat and an UTF symbol replacement system (that allows you to replace text with UTF symbols).


BungeeUtilisalsX comes with plenty of commands built in, of which a list can be found on the documentation page. The configuration with all the commands configurable can be found on GitHub. Each of these commands are fully changable and can be disabled.

Custom Commands

If the built-in commands are not enough, BungeeUtilisalsX also provides a custom command system. These commands tend to be rather simple, but can send messages that are clickable and hoverable and serve as aliases for other plugins for example. Examples can be found in the configuration file.

Language system

On top of having all messages configurable, BungeeUtilisalsX also comes with a built-in language system. Languages can be set up in the languages config file and can be changed using the /language command. There is also an API which allows you to change the language / use a custom language manager to retrieve the user's language from.

Motd System

BungeeUtilisalsX comes with an advanced MOTD system that allows you to set both an MOTD in the server list aswell as having ingame motds. The serverlist motd can have different motd's based on specific conditions (like client version) and also supports player list hover messages. The ingame motd can be filtered per server and can be one time per session.


BungeeUtilisalsX also comes with a built-in PlaceHolder system, these placeholders can be found on the documentation page. There is also an API that allows you to create custom placeholders aswell as the option to use scripting placeholders, which are javascript based placeholders.


The servergroup system is a system which allows you to group servers together. For example, lets say you have a minigame: SkyWars, each server starts with "SW". What you can do is make a server group "SkyWars" that includes all servers following the "SW-*" pattern. Then, in BungeeUtilisalsX configuration files, you can use "SkyWars" wherever a server is asked.

Friend System

BungeeUtilisalsX comes with an advanced friend system as well. A GUI for this system also exists by using the SpigotMC version of BungeeUtilisalsX. The friend system has the most popular friends features, if any features are desired, please contact me, and we could look into adding it to BungeeUtilisalsX.

Report System

BungeeUtilisalsX also comes with a report system. A GUI for this system also exists by using the SpigotMC version of BungeeUtilisalsX. The report is quite a simple system overall, once a report is accepted, the plugin can scan for new punishments of certain types (like BAN) and automatically accept outstanding reports for that player to reduce staff work.

Command blocker

Using BungeeUtilisalsX, you can also disable specific commands. Each command can be blocked both network wide or per server. Specific arguments for commands can be disabled as well. Like "/command", "/command hello" and "/command hello world" can stay working, but "/command test" or "/command hello test" can be blocked.

Extensive API

BungeeUtilisalsX also has an extensive API and is made to make integrating with the plugin easy and without much of a hassle. While most of the API is still undocumented, you can look at the way I use it myself in the source code on GitHub. Not all parts of the API are meant to be used externally, but often they can be though.


Frequently Asked Questions

BungeeUtilisalsX is a project in which I have invested a lot of time and that has been under development for several years. By buying the project you help me out / reward me for the time and effort I put in. BungeeUtilisalsX is open-source however, this means you can build the plugin yourself or download it from the GitHub Actions artifacts.

BungeeUtilisalsX supports all versions since 1.8.x on BungeeCord, Velocity and SpigotMC. The Spigot version is only meant for GUI's at this moment.
Apart from these versions, BungeeUtilisalsX also has a Spring Boot application that can be used as a Web API (GraphQL API).

I am available on Discord, mail and on SpigotMC. I will, by far, respond the fastest on Discord. But generally I do try to reply within a day.

Ofcourse you can! I accept new features all the time, the best way to ask a new feature is by making an issue on the BungeeUtilisalsX GitHub. If the feature is feasable / doable and makes sense, I will most likely add it to BungeeUtilisalsX with time.