DonatorJoin+ is an extremely configurable per-rank join / quit message plugin. It allows you to set up different join / quit messages (both server-wide and per-world) per rank (based on group name or permission), besides messages, sounds and fireworks can also be used or commands can be ran.

DonatorJoinPlus is:
  • swift - written with performance in mind.
  • configurable - everything is configurable, every message, option, permission, ... can be changed in the configuration file.
  • safe - all existing features have been well tested and are production ready.
  • flexible - multiple data storage options are available and supported.

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Most used BungeeUtilisalsX features


Disable default messages

DonatorJoinPlus allows you to change the default message that gets sent if a player joins or leaves the server.


If a player / group is eligible for multiple join / quit messages, priorities allow you to only take the message with the highest priority. (only works if use-priorities is true)

Custom join / quit per rank

Each rank / permission can be given a custom join and / or quit message. This can also be set up per world.

Firework, sounds and commands

There is also an option to fire off fireworks, a sound or execute commands when a player joins / quits. These are all optional ofcourse.

Support for SuperVanish and PremiumVanish

None of the join / quit events will be fired if a player is vanished using the SuperVanish or PremiumVanish plugins.

Per-player customization

Each player can, given they have permission, toggle their messages, firework and sounds if they want. They can also enter custom sounds if they have permission.


Every option and message can be fully changed in the configuration files. This does sometimes make configuration DonatorJoinPlus a bit more complicated though.

Slotforcer system

DonatorJoinPlus has a slot forcer system (do not use on shared hosts unless you have permission) that allows players with specific permissions to have some reserve slots even if the server is full.

Custom first join message

DonatorJoinPlus comes with custom first join message support. This is useful if you just want to send a custom message with placeholders on first join.


Frequently Asked Questions

DonatorJoinPlus is mainly focussed at SpigotMC, while it does have a BungeeCord version, this version is not actively maintained as of right now. The SpigotMC version is always the recommended version to use.

I am available on Discord, mail and on SpigotMC. I will, by far, respond the fastest on Discord. But generally I do try to reply within a day.

Ofcourse you can! I accept new features all the time, the best way to ask a new feature is by making an issue on the DonatorJoinPlus GitHub. If the feature is feasable / doable and makes sense, I will most likely add it to DonatorJoinPlus with time.