WynnStats is a Discord bot that provides you with online time and server statistics regarding the WynnCraft Minecraft server.
You can request a list of online servers, a chart of player online time, online times for all guild members and more using this Discord bot.

You can easily invite WynnStats to your Discord server by clicking here!

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Most used WynnStats features


Server List

See a list of active wynncraft worlds, how many players are in them and how long the world has been open for.

Server Notifications

Get notified in a channel when a new wynncraft world opens and/or when a wynncraft world closes.

Guild Online Time

Get a list of online time in the past X days for an entire guild, this makes it easy to track your guild members!

Player Online Time

Loads a nice graph displaying the player online time for one player over the past 7 days (max 14 days).


Frequently Asked Questions

DonatorJoinPlus is mainly focussed at SpigotMC, while it does have a BungeeCord version, this version is not actively maintained as of right now. The SpigotMC version is always the recommended version to use.

I am available on Discord, mail and on SpigotMC. I will, by far, respond the fastest on Discord. But generally I do try to reply within a day.

Ofcourse you can! I accept new features all the time, the best way to ask a new feature is by making an issue on the DonatorJoinPlus GitHub. If the feature is feasable / doable and makes sense, I will most likely add it to DonatorJoinPlus with time.